Weekly Roundup

July 12, 2011 - Readings

This week at Robot Geek, I came up with an odd mashup of the SCOTUS videogame decision and virtual reality in Sense of Presence. Since I didn’t have a post up last week (in defiance of my British overlords at Robot Geek, or just my Independence Day hangover) my link dump covers two weeks’ worth this time.  Anyhow, here’s what I’ve been reading:

Toy View and Doll View in Videogames. Chris Bateman takes an interesting approach to the difference between first person and third person cameras.

Game On, a short interview with Tom Bissell about the Supreme Court decision.  “It’s a concession you have to make in a free society—if you want a legitimately fascinating, dark, violent game to be available, you have to let Duke Nukem throw his feces around.”

You Can’t Fight Sexism with Sexism. The Border House on the fine distinction between sexism and crudeness.

Interview: Operation Rainfall. Robot Geek’s Logan Kraus talks to Chris Ward about the effort to get more JRPGs localized for the Wii.

12 Ways to Improve Turn-Based Combat Systems. Nice discussion of turn-based combat mechanics from Sinister Design’s Craig Stern.