Weekly Update: Dying Is Easy

August 22, 2011 - Readings

This week at Robot Geek, I talk about comedy in games in Dying Is Easy. It’s an extension of an offhand remark from this post, and a topic I’ll probably revisit at some point. Comedy is fascinating!

So here’s what I’m reading this week.

Art restoration… er, game modification? Chris Johnson tries to figure out where game mods fit between the restoration of an existing work and the creation of something entirely new, especially in the era of rampant DLC.

With Great Power Comes Greater Expectations. Rampant Coyote extends the concept of the Uncanny Valley to realism in game design, for a thoughtful discussion of how the demands of players shift with a game’s presentation.

Videogame Criticism, Videogame Journalism, Journalism about Videogames, Videogame Criticism: More a Rant than a Manifesto. ¬†Brendan Keogh on a recent scandalous panel on game criticism at the Freeplay Independent Games Festival. Keogh pivots off the panel’s shortcomings to address what game criticism should and should not be.